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delivered by:
Prof Dr. Moh. Ali Aziz, M.Ag
Eidul-Fitr Speech hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Dhaka, Bangladesh on Syawal 1, 1438 / June 26, 2017

Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Walillahil hamdu.

Alhamdulil ladzi ja’ala ramadhaana sabiilan li’ubuudiyyatihi wa taqwaah

Ahmaduhuu subhaanahuu waasykuruhuu syukran wa hamdan laa hadda limuntahaah

Ayshadu an laa ilaaha illallahu wahdahuu laa syariika lah

Wa bi’aunihii watawfiiqihii shallaynaa wa shumnaa wa ‘abadnaah

Wa asyhadu anna sayyidanaa wa nabiyyanaa Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa rasuuluhu laa nabiyya ba’dah

Ijtabaahu rabbuhuu washtafaahu wa hadaah

Shallallahu ‘alahi wa ‘alaa aalihi wa shahbihii waman waalaah

Amma ba’du

Fa uushiikum wa nafsii bi taqawallah. Qaalallahu ta’aalaa, “Ya ayyuhal ladziina aamnuttaqullaha haqqa tuqaatihi wa laa tamuutunna illaa wa antum muslimuun


Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

Today we are grateful that we are able to complete our fasting in the month of Ramadan and perform hundreds of raka’ats of tarawih and witir prayers, and other recommended or sunah prayers. Alhamdulillah, we also have paid zakat, and alms as much as possible to lighten the life burden of others. Therefore, kindly accept the good news from Rasulullah PBUH, “Man qaama Ramadhaana iimaanan wahtisaaban, ghufira lahuu maa taqaddama min dzanbih” which means, “Whosoever performs prayers during Ramadan solely because of Allah the Almighty, then all his sins are forgiven by Allah.” Moreover, the obligatory prayers that we perform during this holy month, certainly the rewards given by Allah will be much greater, because Allah Almighty has declared, “Your fasting is for Me.” Indirectly, Allah said, “Let Me give you reward according to My will. You will not be able to calculate the magnitude of My rewards for you.”

The next great news for you is that Allah SWT will give you reward as much as the reward of those who receive iftar or sahoor from you. The Prophet PBUH also gives assurance, “Man farraja ‘an muslimin kurbatan min kurabiddunya, farrajallahu kurbatan min kurabi yaumil qiyaamah” that means, “Whoever lightens the burden or difficulty of muslim, then he will be freed from the suffering of life in the hereafter.” I am sure that this congregation today belongs to those who are glorified by Allah the Almighty.

No wonder if on this feast day, we all greet and felicitate each other: “Eid Mubarak,” which means, “May this feast day gives you additional glory and happiness”; “Taqabbalallahu minnaa waminkum, taqabbal yaa kariim,” which means, “May all our worship be accepted by Allah, the Most Gracious,” or another most famous remarks in Indonesia, “Minal aa’idin walfaaiziin,” which means, “May all of us revert to the holiness, and attain success and happiness always.” Those wishes are usually accompanied by a humble expression of apology for all the wrong doings we may have made to our friends and family members. We have truly ended all disputes or conflicts that diminish our intimacy with Allah and among friends and family.


Dear brothers and sisters,

We should wield the Eid ul-Fitr as the new chapter in our lives, so that we live better in quality. We should be happier and make more other people happier. The more people you please, the more smile of God at you. Our prophet PBUH said, ”Irhamuu man fil ardhi yarhamkum man fis sama,” which means, ”Have mercy on all the inhabitants of the earth, then the angels at the heavens will love you.” When the time of shalat comes, we are called, ”Hayya ’alas shalaah, hayya ’alal falaah,” which means, ”Let us do a prayer and let’s achieve success and happiness.” This is the daily command that should encourage us to be the best and the winner in everything so that we can please many people.

What should our new chapter be filled with in the year ahead until the next Ramadan? Firstly, continue to be in the noble characters which we have built during Ramadan. For the whole month, we do not eat and drink, but constantly think about the food and drink for others. Just exactly like that Allah does, who does not eat and drink, but always feed all beings. The real happiness is whenever we are able to please other people. This is the most interesting definition of happiness.

Surely we understand, that we must be financially sound if we want to fully help many people. Therefore, we must welcome our President, Mr. Joko Widodo’s call to work, work, and work, to acquire wealth as much as possible in the halal way, then enjoy it with the people around you. We should work hard and professionally so that we can play a role in enhancing the welfare of our country and all humankind, and that means your existence on earth is of value to others. Should we continue a life, if we were not benefiting others? Our Prophet PBUH said, ”Akmalul mukminiina iimaanan ahsanuhum khuluqan wa anfa’uhum lin naas,” which means, “The best beleiver in faith among muslims is the one with the best character and the most contribution to mankind.”

Secondly, be always grateful for whatever Allah bestowed upon you. One of the supplications recited by the Imams after tarawih prayer in various mosques is, ”Allahumma ij’alnaa bil iimaani kaamiliin, wa bin na’maai syaakiriin, wa bil qhadhaa-i raadhin,” which means, ”O Allah, please perfect our faith and make us those who are always grateful for Your gifts, and not complaining with the destiny You have accorded us.” Enjoy everyday without complaining. Avoid complaining, because those who complain are indicating that their soul and faith are ill and fragile. Complaining also brings God’s wrath. Allah the Almighty said, ”Man lam yardha biqadhaa-i walam yashbir ’alaa balaa-i fal yathlub rabban ghairii,” which means, “Whoever does not gladly accept the destiny I have assigned, so he should seek other God beside Me.” Let’s work hard like horse during the day, and we surrender all the results to Allah, then we express all gratefulness for all blessings and gracious gifts from Allah the Almighty. Recite this supplication taught by our Prophet PBUH, ”Radhiitu billaahi rabbaa wa bil Islaami diinaa, wa bi Muhammadin nabiyyan wa rasuula,” which means, ”I am pleased with whatever Your commands or whatever and how much of Your gifts, I am pleased to acknowledge that Islam is my faith, and to render that Muhammad is my guide.” Those who recites those prayers each morning and evening, then defintely Allah the Almighty love and bless them throughout the day and night.

Thirdly, during Ramadan we have been practicing to keep our lips away from haram foods and sinful words. Kindly fill in the new chapter of our lives with extra care in utterrance of words and what toeat. It is better to die by suffering from hunger rather than surviving by taking haram foods. We should be concerned that the level of corruption in some Muslim countries remains high, including in Indonesia. Those who are involved in corruption practice not because they were hungry, but because they were greedy.

During Ramadan, we refrain from uttering bad words. Keeping our mouths and tongues from uttering bad words should continue after Ramadan. Our Prophet PBUH said, ”Man kaana yukminu billahi wal yaumil aakhir, fal yaqul khairan aw li yashmut,” which means, ”Whoever beleives in Allah and the day of resurrection, he must say good words or just keep silent.” Our mouths must be free from saying offensive words which can cause resentments to our family and society in general, or contain hoaxes and defamation, saying words that can ignite hostility or malignancy, be it vertically towards the government and the nation, or horizontally between communities. Nowadays in the social media, decorum have almost disappeared, as can be seen on how the educated and uneducated, the religious leaders and ordinary people,are not being careful in choosing their words.

Ayyuhal haadhiruun. Bi barakati Ramadhaana wa aatsaarihi ’alanufuusinaa, narjuu hadzal yaum ibtidaa-an bi shahiifatin jadiidah linailis sa’aadah fid dun-ya wal aakhirah. Awwalan, bis shadaqah lil fuqaraa-i wal masaakiin. Tsaaniyan, bis syukri ’alaa ni’amillah war ridlaa bi qadhaa-ih. Tsaalitsan, bil kalamit thayyibah wal akhlaaqil kariimah.


Dear Muslims Ummahs,

Let by gones be by gones, it’s the old chapters of life which are full of sins and disharmony. May Allah the Almighty forgive all our sins. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Eid-ul Fitr is the day of glory and joy. We should open a new page with a more noble character, respect each other and forgive one another. Show the world that you are not an ordinary muslim, but rather a muslim with great and extraordinary characters, as well as noble personality of our beloved Prophet PBUH. Be always happy and endlessly bring happiness to all beings in the world.

Allahu Akbar, by fasting and performing all worships during the holy-month of Ramadan, we have built a paradise in our hearts, and Insya Allah, we will enter the paradise later in the hereafter. Eid-ulFitr is our declaration of new chapter of life in peace, along with all people with different ethnicities and religions. May Allah the Almighty grant peace and prosperity for all Muslim ummah in the world with the blessings of Ramadan and Eid-ul Fitr.

Minal ‘aaidiin wal faaiziin. Eid Mubaarak. Taqabbalallahu minnaa wa minkum. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Walillahil hamdu.

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